The Best MultiCarrier Shipping Solution

ConnectShip Progistics

ConnectShip Progistics is one of the best multicarrier shipping solutions. It is in use at thousands of companies around the world shipping millions of packages every year. Progistics has rating components for all major carriers, including small parcel and LTL. It is extremely flexible, scalable and extensible. From simple UPS WorldShip type clients to full ERP integrations, Progistics can support them all.

Progistics starts with the base level called the Progistics Toolkit. This API layer provides full rating, shipping, address validation and document generation for all supported carriers. Additonal carriers can be created using the ConnectShip Global and LTL components. This API is accessed through direct .Net calls or through a configurable XML listener service called AMP.

Sitting on top of Progistics is the client layer. This is where most of the customizaiton is done. Custom clients, business rules, etc. are implemented here and these clients talk directly to the Toolkit, or through AMP, or via a custom webservice. Most customers either have a custom client created (web or thick) or they will embed the calls into their existing ERP system. This provides a seamless interface for the user.

ShipExec by UPS is a thin client that uses the ConnectShip toolkikt as the backend. Is is a thin client with full shipping funcionality. It is very customizable and has alot of built in features not found on competing systems.

LCI is experienced in all facets of ConnectShip integrations. We specialize in the not so normal systems that need something other than a client in a box. We do alot of "black box" type integrations where there is no GUI but rather just a service running in the background rating and shipping. We have been partnered with ConnectShip, UPS and FedEx since LCI's founding and pride ourselves on a job done well, on time, and in budget. Please give us a call or email as we would be honored to have your business.